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Our teachers and caregivers are the best here at TLCC. Our first priority is the care and education of your child. We want you to go to work knowing your child is well taken care of. Your peace of mind means the world to us.

Our infant caregivers and teachers not only provide the necessities for your child (changing diapers, feeding times, nap times), but also provide the gift of teaching. Your child is held, talked to, sung to, read to, and given opportunities to explore his/her environment. Bonds are formed, friendships are made, and there is learning and fun everywhere you look.

Our toddler teachers provide a high quality curriculum that includes the five areas of development. Toddlers are taught name recognition, letter recognition, phonemic awareness, shapes, and colors. The toddler curriculum includes rhyming, math concepts, science, literature, fine motor skill development, gross motor skill development and more. Curriculum is developed to help each child reach his potential. It is customized according to the needs of each child.

Primary Program Goals

Aesthetic and artistic development includes responding through the arts, expressing and interpreting through the arts, developing an appreciation of the arts, and to think, learn, and communicate through the arts.

Emotional and social development includes developing independence, feeling satisfaction with accomplishments and efforts, sharing and cooperating, developing friendships, and coping with change.

Physical development and well being include learning and practicing safety procedures, taking care and respecting one's body, developing an awareness of good nutrition, and learning social skills in a physically active setting.

Development of responsibility includes valuing and respecting individual contributions, accepting and demonstrating empathy, acquiring cooperative and independent social skills, and valuing and respecting individual differences in people.

Intellectual development includes developing thinking through meaningful learning experiences, using language to facilitate thinking and learning, using language to communicate effectively, and to become an independent life long learner.